Teacher reading book to her student

Adventurous Learning Unlimited Daycare has a fantastic school-age program for children in kindergarten through seventh grade. Our program includes before and after school, as well as non-school days such as school breaks and summer and winter break.

Before your children start their classes, they are offered breakfast to start the day right. We have small group activities such as blocks, table toys, and even practice for spelling test or quizzes they may have at school.

Once children return to Adventurous Learning after a long day at school. We change the pace, but keep them busy and learning. When your school-agers arrive, we offer a light snack, and assist with homework or prepare for a test or quiz they may have for school. We also have a wide variety of activities that your children can choose from, keeping them active indoors and outdoors such as:

  • Art
    • Painting
    • Drawing
    • Sewing
  • Literacy
    • Reading chapter books at their age level
  • Music and Movement
    • Singing and dancing on the karaoke machine
  • Wood Working
    • Construction crafts such as building a small birdhouse
  • Board and Arcade Games
    • Computers
    • Air Hockey
    • Basketball Hoops

Our outdoor playground has a garden for your children to plant different vegetables and flowers. In our science area, along with a five-foot tall live caterpillar and butterfly cage, children may look up closely at the cycle of the butterfly. We have huge tractor tires to climb, jump ropes, hula hoops, and a hopscotch area to stay fit. We have a math area, literacy area, dramatic play area, and blocks area, all located outdoors.

Look at our summer camp flyer, to see all that we have to offer your school-agers.