Here is what previous and current Adventurous Learning Unlimited Daycare parents have to say about the care we have provided for their kids. Taken from our old website’s guestbook, we are so blessed by these words and hope they encourage you about our facility, too.

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  1. I was a terrified first-time mama that had to put her baby girl in daycare to go to school &n I could not imagine anyone else besides you to watch her after seeing how you raised my sister. You moved things around and made sure it happened for me no matter how many schedule changes or late days you made sure she was well taken care of every time. Always checking in if anything wasn’t in the norm. I couldn’t have done it if it weren’t for you! You have made an impact on so so SO many lives in 28 years and shaped them in such beautiful ways but you also change the parent’s life. You are a safe haven for them to know their child is safe and you give us opportunities to create a better life for our kids. You make the heartache of leaving them so much lighter. Sending pics & making wonderful keepsakes we can have forever. Teaching them amazing things. I know how much it can take out of someone to be that person for so many people and you do it so gracefully! You are always loved and appreciated by so many happy provider appreciation week from me and Zuri bug!

  2. As we honor Teacher Appreciation week. I would like to give Terrea a huge thank you for loving De’Cari like her own. Before he attended her daycare, he was nonverbal and as time went on, she brought out the best in him. We had no idea how to deal with a child with Autism but with her guidance & experience firsthand we made progress… We appreciate the field trips, the dress ups &etc. You’re an excellent and amazing provider…

  3. Excellent daycare! Ms. Terrea is the best. One of the very few I would have taken my own boys to! Her spots go very fast! She works very hard for her kiddos and her themes are hand down amazing! Contact her today.

  4. Since Teacher Appreciation Day is approaching. I would like to highlight one particular person, Terrea at Adventurous Learning Unlimited. OM Goodness Terrea where would I even start. Our journey started some 14 years ago with Paige and then again last year with Remi. Your influence, demeanor and impeccable work ethic is beyond reproach. Your diverse program is outstanding. Your educational program (including sign language and Spanish), endless summer field trips, monthly themes, large elaborate box castles, forts, etc. have made a huge impact on our entire family. My oldest daughter, that you didn’t even get to care for, was so impressed that all these years later, she decided to bring her child to you. Even when we didn’t have anyone in attendance you would continue to reach out and see how everyone was doing. We love you Terrea and everything about your program. Hands down, Mud Day was Paige’s absolute favorite day of the year, but not so much for Remi. lol. You have provided stacks of photos capturing our children in action.

  5. I asked Julian his favorite memory and he said the water park and all the field trips. We are so lucky to have had you for a childcare provider, Julian learned something new every day with your amazing themes. You put so much time and effort into helping each child in your care learn and develop skills needed for school and life. You were truly made to be in childcare, and I am thankful to have had you for my first experience of having Julian in someone else’s care.

  6. thank you so much for your positive influence on Carter, AJ, and Brayden they all loved you very much and all the different themes you do. They each learned a lot from you. Thank you very much.

  7. The most memorable thing from my boys is watching the movie outside! They still talk about it and ask when they can do it again!!

  8. There are so many amazing memories!! Parker really loved the Mud Day and all the summertime field trips. He still talks about the places you used to go! He loved having you watch him and talks about how he wants to come back!

  9. “I worked with Terrea for a few years as co teachers. She is a very patient and caring teacher. She is responsible, dependable and honest. I truely appreciated the way she cared for the children and handled them in a very loving and thoughtful manner. She always has the best interest of the child at heart.”

  10. Mrs. Terrea is the best thing that come into our lives. Every day I watched Alaina grow with her and she loves Alaina like she’s her own child. I never trusted anyone besides my mother to watch Alaina until we met you.

  11. Today ended Jaxon’s journey with daycare. I couldn’t have found a better more caring, understanding and patient provider. We will definitely miss Mrs. Terrea. Such a blessing in our life. Couldn’t help but cry a little. Jaxon starts Kindergarten on Monday.

  12. My favorite memory? I have so many but the best one is knowing I had someone genuine, loving, selfless and so wonderful caring for my son! Making drop offs so easy, him always wanting to come back, just being a safe place for my son to go while I was working! We love you.

  13. “My son has been attending day care at T.L.C. for over a year now. I am absolutely pleased with the care and education that he receives from Terrea. I never worry throughout the day because I know he is in a safe and loving environment. Terrea always has productive and creative activities planned for the children. She has really helped my son to grow socially and developmentally.”

  14. “I have know Terrea for 9 years. I have always found her to be dependable, responsible, compassionate, honest, and hard working. I feel perfectly safe allowing her to care for my own son. She has an excellent rapport with children. I believe she would be an asset to any child care setting. I highly recommend her.”

  15. “I recommend Terrea for any child care position, she is very good with children. She has patience and mild spirit as an asset to her personality. She exhibits the caring and nurturing disposition needed in dealing with children. But is yet firm and will make sure that they are not unruly. She just has a special way with kids, and really seems to enjoy being in their presence.”

  16. “Terrea was my employee at Kindercare Learning Center. She was employed for 2 1/2 years and has been an excellent part of our team. Ms Terrea has taught our two year old class as well as helped in other classes as needed.She is very dedicated to her job and helping her students excel at the learning process.She exceeds,and has met our expectations. Parents have reported numerously on how much their child is learning, and enjoyed being a part of her classroom. Terrea is always striving to pass on her love of teaching to others, as well as helping parents who want their child to work on materials at home. We could always count on Terrea to put in extra hours at work if needed. She has taken the role as the KinderMusic Teacher, Ms. Terrea is excellent at being a parent teacher liaision.I believe Terrea would be a great asset to any company.”

  17. “Ms. Terrea and I have been employed together at Kindercare for three years. Terrea has proven herself to be very trustworthy, hard-working, and dependable employee. As a fellow teacher, I have seen her go beyond what was expected of her to help her students and families. She is very easy to work with and is a great asset. I believe Terrea would benefit your family by developing and implementing lesson plans, and caring for your children.”

  18. “I have worked with Ms. Terrea Durbin for over a year at Kindercare Learning Centers. Ms. Terrea is a dedicated, kind and caring teacher and co-worker. She is always going above and beyond the requirements set for her. She has invested here kindness not only in the children but, in their families, as well. I feel Terrea would be an amazing asset for any child care job. Thank you.”

  19. “I live in San Diego, California. While visiting my mother in Springfield, Illinois, Terea invited my son to visit the daycare during the morning hours. From that point on, he was hooked, every morning that he woke up he asked if he could go and visit Ms. Terea’s daycare. Children love Terea!”

  20. “It was very nice talking to you earlier tonight. Your program looks wonderful and i am very impressed with your website. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow afternoon.”

  21. “Wow! Your kids seem to have a lot of fun. My husband and I are looking forward to meeting you in person. Great pictures!”

  22. “I had a chance to view your website and look forward for Samaria and Legend to become a part of your daycare family.”

  23. “Terrea and Bill cared for my daughter Annallise from the time she was a baby up until the age of 6. I can honestly say they took care of her as if she were there own child. i especially appreciated all of the activities she would constantly plan for the kids. i never had to worry about her sitting in front of a tv all day. Each day was filled with fun activities and learning. i never thought my prissy daughter would enjoy playing in the mud! She luved it!…Thank you both for everything (;”

  24. “My granddaughters were at Terreas for about a year. They loved it! Especially in the summer, they never sat around doing nothing they were busy every day doing something. I never worried when they were at Terreas. Great daycare!”

  25. “Thank you for taking such good care of my Gbaby. She is learning so much from you. Its a relief to know she is in a daycare that we can trust. Keep up the good work!”

  26. My children, Max and Jace, remained in Adventurous Learning daycare from around 2011/2012-2014. Cannot exactly remember the specific dates. During this time my children learned how to be patient with other children, including autistic children, which to this day they still have a heart for. They were granted opportunities to explore and learn various lines of work and themes. They had a mailman theme, McDonald’s theme, among other themes. This gave them ample opportunities to expand their minds on what all life really is about. They were given opportunities to visit different places in Springfield as guests to learn more about their place of business. Terrea has the best summer program hands down. We still go through all the pictures and memories of learning how to ride a horse, a trolley ride, watching a firefighter shoot water out a hose, watching cookies be made at the mall as well as adding their own icing, the State Fair memories and a trip to Bloomington to the museum by train. Terrea puts our kids first and their education is a top priority for her. An added help is that Terrea focused hard on helping potty train the younger kids by ensuring we had a change of clothes during nap time. The one and only time I had a moment of disagreement with Terrea, we were able to agree to disagree, keep the respect alive and most importantly keep the focus on the children. Our difference of opinion actually strengthened our relationship. My children find her and Mr. Bill to be like family to us. They made a huge impact on the younger years of my children and we’re blessed to have found her. I would recommend her daycare to anyone that values the vital necessities of childhood: love, education, and exploration.

  27. I am writing this on behalf of Terrea Durbin owner of Adventurous Learning Unlimited Daycare for the time my son Hunter received care there which was between the years of 2014 and 2015. I had a very good experience with this daycare, it was our first time using a daycare, and my son was 2 years old at the time, I loved that she was open until late at night which helped with my work schedule at the time. Terrea was very caring towards my son and pointed out that he was a little behind, she suggested that I look into speech and or developmental therapy, she pointed me in the right direction to getting him help, he is exceeding very well now, and I thank her for recognizing it. They did lots of fun activities and he always looked forward to going to daycare and always went on field trips. I had no issues with ths daycare and towards the end of the care for my son I found it easier to save money for the time being if I had a relative watch him. I definitely recommend her daycare to anyone looking for care in that area. Thank You.
    Sincerely Jessica Hawk

  28. I was a foster parent in need of a day care right away. Mrs. Terrea opened her doors and took my kids in. Not only did she open her doors she opened her heart and made the kids feel like they were home with her. She invests more than her time with all the kids, they become part of her and part of her life. When the kids were with her I got to watch them grow, learn and be better with their feelings and attitude towards others. Mrs. Terrea is one of the best daycare providers in Springfield. I remember one time talking with her and she said anyone can be a babysitter, what she did not know is that she was the best caregiver, friend and all around great person to love each kids like her own and be great help to parents in time of need. I always looked forward to seeing my kids at the end of the day and hear from her how the kids did. Never a bad report without a positive about the child. I owe her in many ways she will never know. Ms. Terrea is far and above what a caregiver should be and will always be a part of this family.

    Chrisina Roth

  29. My son has been attending this facility for 3 years after being dropped from 2 prior daycares due to behavioral concerns related to his medical diagnoses of ADHD, and anxiety. My son gets over stimulated very easily and with the smaller setting and individualized attention he felt more relaxed. He was able to build a relationship and connection with her and Mr. Bill. He felt loved ! The time and effort they put into the décor in the monthly theme just amazed me and I know the kids were excited to participate in all of the fun learning activities. She would greet me every morning/evening with a smile. I truly feel she enjoys doing what she does for our children, keeping them safe and being a part of their lives. It is a family setting and I would bring my child back year after year. I highly recommend Adventurous Learning Unlimited to anyone who is looking for that specialized care for their child because you’ll receive it here without a doubt. I know Bransen can’t wait to visit again this summer !!!

  30. I am writing about Terrea Durbin. Last year I called needing a babysitter and was recommended highly to call Adventurous Learning Center. I have never seen anyone smiling all the time and is more professional than Terrea. She never complains and when my granddaughter was sick she called to the hospital checking on her and when my son died she got a card and had all the families sign it. Just that little bit means a lot to someone. During the summer she took all the kids on at least 2 field trips a day. Which I have never heard of any other ones doing that. She opened her house for things like Doughnuts with dad, muffins with mom and snacks with grandparents which means a lot being that with my son dying my grandkids will never have another doughnuts with dad.

  31. When I began my search for a daycare provider the idea of an in home daycare really appealed to me. I was overwhelmed like many parents trying to find the right fit the first time around. I knew after my first walk through with Terrea Durbin that her in home daycare was going to be just that, a great fit. She was patient with all my overly thorough questions and seemed very sincere in her first meeting with my daughter. What stood out to me the most was the many different areas of play and constructive activities. I surely knew my daughter would never be bored-and no tv? That was a plus ! I especially loved the monthly themes and how the learning objectives were ever changing to match the children’s attention span as well as their target age group. My experience over the years with Mrs. Durbin could be described as a blessing. I have appreciated all her help and experience from all her children when it came time to help mine reach her own milestones such as potty training and then even getting into preschool. I honestly do not know where I would have started, and she was timely and knowledgeable about everything as she helped me in the right direction. I especially appreciate the way it is a team effort when it comes to managing behavior inside and outside of the daycare and the communication that exists between us. I recommend Mrs. Durbin to all my friends with little kids or anyone I hear about in search of a great daycare provider. I know my child is receiving as close to one on one care as she possibly could with the small numbers that she has in her home. My daughter is always excited to tell me what she has been learning new each week and how she applied it in the daycare with her friends. I would like to add how much my daughter has flourished in the almost 3 years she has been going to her daycare and I am forever grateful for that.

  32. My child Gunner began his childcare adventure with Terrea Durbin at Adventurous Learning Unlimited in December 2017. My husband, family and myself are completely thrilled with the care Gunner has received. Her curriculum is outstanding and she helped potty train him within two weeks of starting there. His prior daycare did not do any crafts with the kids and within the first month at Adventurous Learning, my refrigerator was decorated with my child’s artwork. Every month is a different theme where the kids get to learn through different types of motor skills play, reading and writing activities and costumes that are fun and Gunner boasts about at home. She takes time out of her morning and night to redecorate her family’s own living room into a space that is time to create exciting props that coordinate with the months theme, such as an airplane terminal, a car wash and a space ship just to name a few. Her walls are covered with pictures of smiling faces of the kids that enjoy coming to her home each and every day. She actively encourages time spent with parents through “homework” to make sure the kids are spending quality time with the families and themed days such as “Doughnuts with Dad” and “Muffins with Mom”, which I loved ! She also takes the kids to do themed photos with costumes and props, which are awesome! Her summer program was phenomenal and I commend her on her patience and effort in handing all the children through field trips scheduled every day, sometimes more than one a day to give them the best summer experience possible. I have never had any doubt in my mind that my child was safe or enjoying the experience Terrea was giving him or that he was learning while in her home. She maintains a website that contains important information for parents and her newsletters are creative and helpful in keeping up with the lesson plan, meal plan and monthly themes. I would highly recommend Adventurous Learning to any parent and thank Terrea and her family for opening up their home and sharing their unique, creative, and fun ideas with my son and for conducting themselves in the most appropriate and professional manner possible.

  33. When my husband Kevin and I first moved to Springfield I was very apprehensive about putting our son in daycare. Parker had only been watched by his grandparents, and we were new to town. Every day I thank my lucky stars that we found Adventurous Learning ! Mrs. Terrea and Mr. Bill are amazing people and I would not want anyone else watching my son.Parker is well taken care of and loves going to daycare every day. Mrs. Terrea works hard to mirror the curriculum that is taught at Preschool so that Parker gets the most out of his education. Sj=he works on his alphabet, counting, spelling, and everything in between. The summertime is our favorite time to be at Adventurous Learning. Parker loves going on all the field trips and learns a ton ! I would recommend to everyone that has children to take them to Adventurous Learning Daycare ! There are not enough words for me to praise them with. I am so thankful for everything they do for me and for Parker. I give them a 5 out of 5 stars!!

  34. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to write about Terrea. Two of my grandchildren attended her daycare. My grandson was there from the time he was two and a half until he started kindergarten. He is not the easiest kid to handle but Miss Terrea was wonderful with him. He loved her and she loved him. My granddaughter attended her summer camp when she was two and had a terrific time. Terrea’s daycare is full of activities and learning. There’s no TV watching. The kids are busy, well cared for, well fed and loved. I couldn’t think of a better daycare provider.

  35. I have known Terrea for nine years. My kids were in her care for several years, she was the best daycare they ever had. I am currently trying to enroll my children again. She isn’t just a babysitter, she has actual curriculums ! She works with the children every single day. Her summer program is AMAZING ! My kids love her. She makes homemade meals for the kids. She treats everyone as family. She truly loves her kids.

  36. “Absolutely love this daycare. My son has been attending since Dec. 2017 and he has learned so much and was potty trained within two weeks of starting. And the interactive activities are exactly what I want for him. Great daycare!”

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