We offer an excellent kindergarten readiness program here at Adventurous Learning Unlimited Daycare. Preschool years are said to be the most crucial years for learning.

It is during the preschool phase that kids tend to be more absorbent about what they perceive in their respective environments. At this age, we encourage your children to get a developmental screening.

Not to worry though, after performing assessments and observations, our staff knows just how to tweak their motivation and goals to facilitate learning at its best.

Our preschool program features:

  • Hands-on activities
  • Weekly math lessons- learning their phone number, and address, and counting
  • Weekly literacy lessons- practice spelling their name, writing and tracing letters, telling stories, and begin reading
  • Interest Areas- blocks, art, sand and water table, dramatic play, and cooking
  • Easy transition to a kindergarten class, and setting your child up for success
  • We allow them to enjoy their childhood
  • Enroll them today and check out our enrichment and summer program
  • Aquarium at the top of table
  • Empty Room
  • Playing Station for kids
  • Two Couch