Mother helping her daughter

Adventurous Learning Unlimited Daycare provides a safe, nurturing, and structured environment for your little one. In addition to holding, rocking, and cuddling your infant, our infant and toddler room is designed for learning with age-appropriate activities and equipment.

Toddlers are learning to balance and walk; therefore, we offer size-appropriate equipment to hold on to, large mirrors to make facial expressions, indoor and outdoor climbing structures, and space for a lot of movement and learning. At this age, your toddlers will learn to stack, dump, and scatter toys. They will even continue to explore with their senses like infants putting toys in their mouth; therefore to keep germs down, toys are cleaned weekly, along with crib and cot sheets.

Our Infant & Toddler program features:

  • Monthly Lesson Plan- Infant & Toddler Curriculum
  • American Sign Language weekly lessons
  • Small Group Time- singing, dancing, and storytelling
  • Interest Areas- art easel, water table, reading area, puppets, and much more
  • Equipment- jumparoo, swings, bouncy seat, saucer, play mat for “tummy time”
  • Take home daily sheets
  • Assessments and Yearly Conferences
  • Infant & Toddler Playground (we play daily and have weekly walks)
  • Infants in individual cribs until 15 months they are on a cot
  • We provide infant cereal, formula (ask for brand name), and food when age ready.
  • One-on-one interaction and bonding time
  • Your children will be placed in a very soothing environment, in the company of child care staff who are mothers themselves. We have the best setting to facilitate learning for your little ones.