ECE Level 2 (Jan 2014)

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Monday thru Sunday | 5 am- 4pm & 10 pm-7 am

Monthly Theme: Camping

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Tree Rings, and sticks to build a campfire
Rocks and Flat stones Forest Animals Fake leaves Lincoln logs
Plastic fish and fishing nets
Dirt and rocks Plastic snakes Plastic bugs Plastic mini trees and birds
Leaf painting
Camping collage Rock family plaque Paint pet rock Paper snake
Dramatic Play
Boat with plastic fish
Picnic basket with healthy foods Small table and top grill Backpack, and water bottles Tent, flashlights, sleeping bags
Curious George goes Hiking
Bailey Goes Camping When Peter was lost in the Forest Oswalds Camping Trip When I go camping with grandma
Music and Movement
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Rain sticks(instruments) and sing Rain Rain go away Sit around campfire and sing campfire songs Play Hot Marshmallow (like hot potato) Going on a Bear Hunt
Rock sorting by color, size, and shape
Camper vs Tent graph- Would you rather camp in a .. Match animal tracks Sort and count bugs Bear pattern cards
Dogs in a blanket Bug Juice S’more roll-ups Campfire S’more’s trail mix or S’mores puppy chow
Roast Marshmallows and hotdogs
Camping scavenger hunt Nature Walk Sleep in tent
N/I spy game
Magnifying glasses with plastic bugs
Clipboards for observation Live worms or crickets Pinecones Pictures of different trees and leaf rubbing plates
Family/Community Involvement
Invite a Park Ranger to talk to kids about safety
Visit a campground Attend a fishing clinic Go to park and have a picnic Have a bonfire