ECE Level 2 (Jan 2014)

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Monday thru Sunday | 5 am- 4pm & 10 pm-7 am
Theme – Wild West
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Make vest

Sequin paper boot

Straw painting

Cowboy puppet

Playdough and cowboy cookie cutter

BLOCKS Lincoln Logs Horses Train set Building Blocks Wild west town buildings and plastic cowboys
COOKING Trail mix Chili Cactus Pretzel rods Tasty Tumbleweed Baked beans
DRAMATIC PLAY Covered Wagon Saddle Cowboy Vests Hay Bales Cowboy Boots
LITERACY Western Bingo Cowboy Puppets Letter matching cowboys and hats n/a n/a
MATH Bandana Color Matching Cactus Counting Mats Cowboy Puzzle Cactus Lacing Cards n/a
MUSIC Square Dancing Country Kids CD Guitar Cowbells Learn Country Line dancing
SCIENCE Matching shadow prints Cactus sponge experiment Real living cactus Western sensory bottle Animals that live in the desert
SENSORY Plastic cactus Gold nuggets dig and find n/a n/a n/a
GROUP TIME Show-n-tell bring a stuffed desert animal Campfire marshmallows Tic Tac Toe Cowboy style Stick horse Races Pin the tail on horse