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Here is what previous and current Adventurous Learning Unlimited Daycare parents have to say about the care we have provided for their kids. Taken from our old website’s guestbook, we are so blessed by these words and hope they encourage you about our facility, too.

21 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. “I worked with Terrea for a few years as co teachers. She is a very patient and caring teacher. She is responsible, dependable and honest. I truely appreciated the way she cared for the children and handled them in a very loving and thoughtful manner. She always has the best interest of the child at heart.”

  2. “My son has been attending day care at T.L.C. for over a year now. I am absolutely pleased with the care and education that he receives from Terrea. I never worry throughout the day because I know he is in a safe and loving environment. Terrea always has productive and creative activities planned for the children. She has really helped my son to grow socially and developmentally.”

  3. “I have know Terrea for 9 years. I have always found her to be dependable, responsible, compassionate, honest, and hard working. I feel perfectly safe allowing her to care for my own son. She has an excellent rapport with children. I believe she would be an asset to any child care setting. I highly recommend her.”

  4. “I recommend Terrea for any child care position, she is very good with children. She has patience and mild spirit as an asset to her personality. She exhibits the caring and nurturing disposition needed in dealing with children. But is yet firm and will make sure that they are not unruly. She just has a special way with kids, and really seems to enjoy being in their presence.”

  5. “Terrea was my employee at Kindercare Learning Center. She was employed for 2 1/2 years and has been an excellent part of our team. Ms Terrea has taught our two year old class as well as helped in other classes as needed.She is very dedicated to her job and helping her students excel at the learning process.She exceeds,and has met our expectations. Parents have reported numerously on how much their child is learning, and enjoyed being a part of her classroom. Terrea is always striving to pass on her love of teaching to others, as well as helping parents who want their child to work on materials at home. We could always count on Terrea to put in extra hours at work if needed. She has taken the role as the KinderMusic Teacher, Ms. Terrea is excellent at being a parent teacher liaision.I believe Terrea would be a great asset to any company.”

  6. “Ms. Terrea and I have been employed together at Kindercare for three years. Terrea has proven herself to be very trustworthy, hard-working, and dependable employee. As a fellow teacher, I have seen her go beyond what was expected of her to help her students and families. She is very easy to work with and is a great asset. I believe Terrea would benefit your family by developing and implementing lesson plans, and caring for your children.”

  7. “I have worked with Ms. Terrea Durbin for over a year at Kindercare Learning Centers. Ms. Terrea is a dedicated, kind and caring teacher and co-worker. She is always going above and beyond the requirements set for her. She has invested here kindness not only in the children but, in their families, as well. I feel Terrea would be an amazing asset for any child care job. Thank you.”

  8. “I live in San Diego, California. While visiting my mother in Springfield, Illinois, Terea invited my son to visit the daycare during the morning hours. From that point on, he was hooked, every morning that he woke up he asked if he could go and visit Ms. Terea’s daycare. Children love Terea!”

  9. “It was very nice talking to you earlier tonight. Your program looks wonderful and i am very impressed with your website. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow afternoon.”

  10. “Wow! Your kids seem to have a lot of fun. My husband and I are looking forward to meeting you in person. Great pictures!”

  11. “I had a chance to view your website and look forward for Samaria and Legend to become a part of your daycare family.”

  12. “Terrea and Bill cared for my daughter Annallise from the time she was a baby up until the age of 6. I can honestly say they took care of her as if she were there own child. i especially appreciated all of the activities she would constantly plan for the kids. i never had to worry about her sitting in front of a tv all day. Each day was filled with fun activities and learning. i never thought my prissy daughter would enjoy playing in the mud! She luved it!…Thank you both for everything (;”

  13. “My granddaughters were at Terreas for about a year. They loved it! Especially in the summer, they never sat around doing nothing they were busy every day doing something. I never worried when they were at Terreas. Great daycare!”

  14. “Thank you for being the best daycare providers in springfield, i will miss you both!”

  15. “Thank you for taking such good care of my Gbaby. She is learning so much from you. Its a relief to know she is in a daycare that we can trust. Keep up the good work!”

  16. “My granddaughter goes here and I love this place ! They do lots of fun stuff with the kids.”

  17. “Absolutely love this daycare. My son has been attending since Dec. 2017 and he has learned so much and was potty trained within two weeks of starting. And the interactive activities are exactly what I want for him. Great daycare!”

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